Heroes of Newerth

If you’re an old-school DotA player like me, you know that HoN is the most difficult and fast paced game to play of all the MOBAs today. I started playing DotA back in 2005 (wow, has it already been 10 years?) and I fell in love with the genre ever since. I used to play Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne ladder, but I wasn’t very good.

Anyway, HoN is free to play. The game itself is around 2 gigabytes, but it is a worthy download. The game doesn’t eat up your graphics either; it’s extremly light-weight and the guys at S2Games did a fine job optimizing the game. I tried Heroes of the Storm (beta) and suffered extreme graphics lag despite it being a less graphic intensive game than HoN.

The only thing that’s bad about HoN is the recent influx of Latin American players, also known as “brs”. I actually call anyone who is a foreign speaker a BR, because they are typically very bad at the game. I guess that’s why they are so good at fighting in MMA, eh? There is always at least one dude who feeds, one who afk farms and does nothing with his gold, and one who screams into the mic every minute. The one I hate the most is the idiot who goes mid with a non-mid hero and expects to win against a hero like Doctor Repulsor or Soul Stealer.

Since the game is so fast paced, there is virtually no delay between your character’s movement and a command. This makes juking so much better, and the game so much more fun that League of Noobs, where a 10 year old can close his eyes and roll his face onto the keyboard to win the game.



What is Minecraft?

mcMinecraft is an open world game that enables players to build and create their own constructions made out of 3D textured cubes. It allows the players to explore, gather resources, create as well as fight with other online players. It has several existing gameplay modes such as survival mode, creative mode, hardcore mode as well as multiplayer mode.

Survival mode is where online players have to gather resources in their environment. They also have to fight against the monsters in order to level up and get special blocks and items. It also has a health bar that is affected by various factors such as monster attacks, starvation, suffocation and others. Creative mode is when players are allowed to create whatever they want without the need to fight others. This enables them to let their creativity flow without any hindrance. Hardcore mode is similar to survival mode but has some restrictions. You will die forever without a chance to respawn, and must delete your world. Lastly, the multiplayer mode allows all users to interact with each other and have a ton of fun on cool maps.

Why People Enjoy It

Online users enjoy playing Minecraft for free Online because it allows them to play freely. The game is also user-friendly and easy to use, which is why more and more players are getting into it. It does not require you to be an expert in computers; therefore, you can play it even it you are a newbie. The game is suitable for all ages and skills, which is one of the reasons why this game was such a huge hit.

Another reason is it also allows the users to create their own world, which appeals to those who prefer to play on their own or to interact with others through a computer. It is also away to release stress because it is a fun game to play, as players can entertain themselves as well as let their creative side flow.